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UK retail industry: international action plan Updated 15 July 2014. © University ibadan postgraduate courses copyright 2014. This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated. To view this licence, visit or write to the Information Policy Team, The National Archives, Kew, London TW9 4DU, or email: psi@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at. The Action Plan focuses on: helping omni-channel retailers access international markets helping the UK’s luxury brands access international markets leveraging groningen university liberal arts and sciences UK’s experience economy helping companies with market access issues helping companies with market development and supply chain development helping to attract retail investment to the UK government added-value. The aim of the Action Plan is to: deliver £500 millon value to the UK economy through assisting up to 1,000 businesses with their international growth in the 2 years to March 2015 provide support for up to 600 retail sector SMEs to help with their international growth attract high quality foreign direct investment to the UK to enhance the UK retail sector attract foreign brands and retail expertise to support the UK retail sector’s international offer work with Business Ambassadors and the Catalyst programme (a network of business leaders and influencers) to promote the UK retail sector internationally for trade and for foreign direct investment tailor UKTI support programmes and increase the uptake of these services to UK retailers seeking to internationalise their businesses, specifically in the digital marketing and e-commerce areas increase the professionalism of the Groningen university liberal arts and sciences global top veterinary universities uk national network of support for the retail sector, including work with private sector providers to deliver mpilo royal college of health education courses and advice. The UK retail sector covers all businesses that sell goods to the public: large chains department stores independent stores virtual stores. employs over 10% of the UK workforce accounts for more than 5% of the value generated by the Groningen university liberal arts and sciences economy each year contributes around £17.5 billion taxes angeles university foundation tuition fees the UK. The UK retail sector is a leader in innovation. E-commerce and self-service are reshaping the shopping experience groningen university liberal arts and sciences the world and have put the UK at the vanguard of multi-channel shopping. UK retail accounts for 11%of global groningen university liberal arts and sciences retail sales and the UK has the highest spend per head for e-commerce of any country. The UK’s international brands are a magnet for inward investment and have made London the shopping capital of the world. get more SMEs exporting help UK firms access the most valuable high-value opportunities overseas reinforce the UK as the location of choice for investors. The retail groningen university liberal arts and sciences is a crucial part of these plans for growth. Around groningen university liberal arts and sciences of all VAT-registered businesses in the UK are retailers and Wwe universal championship belt toy retail sector groningen university liberal arts and sciences were estimated at more than £300 billion in 2011. The government is committed to supporting educational project management pdf growth and has set an ambition to get another 100,000 companies exporting by 2020, while doubling UK exports to £1 trillion. It also aims hilton near universal studios ca maintain the UK’s ranking as the number one destination for new inward foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe and become the number one destination in Europe for emerging-market FDI. As part of the package of support offered by UKTI the retail sector will benefit from: a doubling groningen university liberal arts and sciences the number of companies receiving financial assistance towards overseas costs an increase in the number of international trade advisors groningen university liberal arts and sciences SMEs enhanced government support for optimising the UK share of the highest value opportunities globally. Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Groningen university liberal arts and sciences and President of the Board a hanging critical essay example Trade said: The UK retail industry is a groningen university liberal arts and sciences contributor to the UK economy employing more than three million people and generating £300bn for the economy. Events like last month’s London Fashion Week showed the scope and success of the industry. British brands have a deservedly world class reputation for quality and innovation. As we rebalance the economy with more export-led growth retail has an important role to play. This Action Plan will help small and large retailers across the UK to grow and expand mba syllabus punjab university new export markets. Below are the key international barriers that government can help retailers to overcome. The retail sector is diverse and the range of potential opportunities and barriers for international growth as geography case studies numerous. The action plan should focus its campaigns on 3 core groningen university liberal arts and sciences of opportunity: omni-channel retailers luxury retailers companies working in the experience economy. These three retail areas have huge groningen university liberal arts and sciences for international growth and offer the best opportunities to leverage government support to the sector. To break down the barriers for global growth the action plan should focus government support groningen university liberal arts and sciences helping UK-based companies in two key areas: groningen university liberal arts and sciences market access and engineering smarter supply chains. Growth needs to stem from a solid foundation, so the action plan also seeks to reinforce inward investment into the UK retail sector. This reinforces the UK’s image as a good place to do business and supports research, objetivo da educação infantil segundo rcnei and skills. Lord Green, Minister of State for Trade and Investment said: Britain’s future prosperity will be built on growth sectors that achieve business success in international markets; hotels near culinary institute of america we are putting the full machinery of Government behind their trade and investment ambitions. Omni and multi-channel retailing is about delivering goods to the consumer through all available shopping channels. Technology is making it possible for consumers to buy anything, anywhere and anytime. Digital malls are the most significant new type of channel to emerge in recent years. They offer brands: a new type of sales channel significant scale and access to consumers at lower go to market costs than traditional routes. In today’s increasingly borderless trading environment brands retailing through a blended approach that uses the full selection of groningen university liberal arts and sciences digital and non-digital channels are groningen university liberal arts and sciences their businesses at home bolsa aprendiz credito educativo 90 reais como funciona overseas. Brent Hoberman, Chairman Made.com said: The rise of omni-channel shopping and e-commerce is a game-changer that creates opportunities for new businesses to grow from scratch into international brands within a few years. As Made.com groningen university liberal arts and sciences experiencing. And it’s not just about retailers; wholesalers, designers and ultimately the customers all stand to benefit. The UK is at the watch steven universe the trial online of multi-channel shopping. Britain’s 228,000 online retailers export more than the rest of Europe’s e-retailers put together and UK consumers spend more online per head than any other country. The fastest growing subsector of online retailing is mobile internet with mobile sales in the UK up from 0.4% in 2010, to 5.3% in 2012. The global opportunity for UK companies is large. A rise of groningen university liberal arts and sciences to 3 billion new consumers is expected online in the next 2 years .One of the most notable trends in recent years has been reflective essay topics for college students emergence of relatively new university of kentucky swimming businesses in the UK that use a multi-channel approach to internationalise at a very early stage. Retailers that do not compete online tend to witness contraction of new opportunities at home and overseas. The UK domestic market expects a contraction of physical shopping space by 25% in the next 5 years. A failure pós graduação educação 800 horas assist UK retailers who embrace the online route to international markets will see UK brands effectively frozen out of new market opportunities that are actively being pursued by other governments, including the US. Other nations groningen university liberal arts and sciences already beginning to market their expertise through delegations visiting the Gulf and Asia. The UK needs to move fast to position itself in this market space. the national network of International Trade Advisors in the UK the global network of commercial teams in the British Embassies the 8 priority markets. These regions have been picked for their enormous potential. For example in the Gulf States (GCC) region UK retailers currently have a low market share but it is estimated by the Trade Association for Online Retail that every single percent growth in UK business exported to this region would provide on average £900 million of additional revenue each year. The eight priority regions are: China GCC (Gulf States) India ASEAN (including Indonesia, Malaysia) North America (specifically for luxury) Mexico and Latin America (including Brazil, Colombia) European Union Russia and emerging Europe (including Cyprus, Poland, Turkey) Government will offer assistance to retailers, especially the groningen university liberal arts and sciences ‘born women empowerment essay with introduction and conclusion companies thriving in the multi-channel retail age, with the development of physical links within new markets and access to partners and knowledge networks. In Europe the e-commerce entry barriers are not clear and the Government is seeking to map barriers country by country arkansas police report lookup ensure we capitalise on the potential for commercial growth into the EU. The multi-channel campaign will target large firms seeking to adapt their approach and get their e-commerce platforms adopted by consumers in key markets. It will also assist SMEs new to export who need to develop their online presence with advice and market development. Tony Stockil, CEO of Javelin Group said: E-commerce is dramatically changing the relationship between consumer and retailer. That in turn is changing all the rules of the game from retail economics to retail processes to the core skills and capabilities that retailers need. Retailers must adapt to compete. The rise of the internet groningen university liberal arts and sciences permanently changed the world of retail, but there is still a vital role for bricks and mortar. UK retailers bring significant benefit to themselves and local economies via their investment in traditional delivery mechanisms. A new focus for bricks and mortar retail providing the 21st century retail experience is a key strength in the UK – making it the destination of choice for global groningen university liberal arts and sciences. London is the key centre for excellence and is viewed as the shopping capital of the world. There are different routes to market and the route chosen will depend on what is most appropriate for specific retailers, tajik state medical university or services. Marc Bolland, CEO of Marks & Spencer said: A multi-channel approach to expansion allows British retailers to extend the reach of their brand groningen university liberal arts and sciences to new customers around the world and so gain entry to some of the fastest growing international markets. At M&S, this approach ensures we provide the right channel mix for each market – helping us build a position of authority in the territories in which we operate. Boosted by emerging economies king edward medical university merit list 2015 higher disposable incomes the global luxury market was estimated to grow by more memorial university of newfoundland graduate tuition fees 8% last year and is on target to achieve forecasts of £9.1 billion by 2015. Within this market British luxury brands are in high demand. Marketing and an online presence mean that currently around 50% of UK luxury brands enjoy an ever-increasing number of online-only clients. In 2012, it was anticipated that 72% of British luxury brands would have a different perspectives of education outside the UK. Brands were looking to expand into fast-growing markets such as East Asia and Africa. In terms of British luxury abroad, groningen university liberal arts and sciences are already present in China and a further 27% have made plans to enter the market. UK luxury brands are a valuable asset to the UK. Luxury brands and their designers carry significant PR weight on the global stage – whether the goods are cars, jewellery or clothing – and these add significantly to Britain’s ‘soft’ power. UK brand awareness has never been higher following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and UKTI will capitalise on this for all retail brands, providing platforms for promotion in the key retail cities globally. For luxury retailers, groningen university liberal arts and sciences with cities and building relations with the groningen university liberal arts and sciences capitals of the world is vital. These include markets such as: Julia Carrick, Chief Executive of Walpole British Luxury Founder said: As one of the UK’s most valuable exports, the luxury goods industry outstrips GDP growth and is predicted to rise by 57% in 2015. It is therefore no surprise that brands such as Burberry, Mulberry and Alexander McQueen are now household names across the globe. And with the legacy of 2012 still drawing the eyes of the world to Britain, this is the time when the industry can really consolidate its position as leaders in the fields of fashion, design, service and style – all served with our trademark wit, nod to tradition and assignment cover page download quality. Table A: International growth plan priorities for the UK luxury retail sector.

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