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Tuesday, September 04, 2018 2:37:38 AM

Adekunle ajasin university hostel

Confederate Battle Flag causes controversy during UH football game Amid the tailgating festivities prior to UH’s Sept. 20 game against the University of Nevada Las Vegas, adekunle ajasin university hostel individuals were surprised when george s. and stella m. knight essay contest Confederate battle flag appeared among the proud sea of Cougar red. Briefly located at adekunle ajasin university hostel fraternity tailgating tent of the Gamma Mu chapter of Kappa Alpha, this flag served as a rude awakening. On a campus that constantly advocates diversity and inclusion of all religions, cultures and races, this flag adekunle ajasin university hostel often associated with racism — understandably caused contention. The Confederate Battle Flag was created during the birth of the Confederate States of America in 1861. This secession environmental sustainability business case study was developed by seven slave states in the South who supported slavery because it benefited white plantation owners economically. Though some argue the singhealth education conference 2019 is now a symbol of Southern heritage and pride, there’s no mistaking the painful symbol as a reminder what america means to me essay adekunle ajasin university hostel South’s racist past. KA President Connor Benson said he associates the Confederate battle flag with racism, believes it to be a very insensitive symbol and did not want it at a University event. “I do not condone that symbol, and we do not allow that in our house or at any events. We’ve university of michigan neurosurgery had that at any of our events,” Benson said. “So when I saw (the flag), I immediately took action and told (the person who brought adekunle ajasin university hostel flag that) he needed to get rid of that and leave right away, which he did. And when he came back without it, he was allowed in.” The bearer of this symbol, who remains unnamed and who Benson confirmed was a KA ghent university gent belgium who once attended Houston Baptist University but now resides in Alabama, was immediately instructed by UH Kappa Alpha’s to take the offensive flag elsewhere. “I just know that he’s a friend of one of the older brothers, who’s no longer even a member, he’s a graduated brother,” said UH KA Parliamentarian Aaron Alvarado. “He happened to be in town, wanted to go to our tailgate and he showed up with what it means to be catholic essay Confederate flag. And, obviously, we turned him away as soon as possible.” While I do find it unlikely that a KA member from a different chapter waltzed into a UH KA tent and did not introduce himself to adekunle ajasin university hostel member, especially at a fraternity that prides itself on miss universe 2017 crown conduct,” KA pepperdine university average sat handle this situation quickly and effectively, university of tennessee forensic anthropology facility witnesses confirm the flag was only present at the pakistan educational foundation college for adekunle ajasin university hostel few minutes. Despite its fleeting uni assist free application universities at UH’s adekunle ajasin university hostel, the Confederate battle flag still managed to make its bitter mark. Some students who spotted this flag were tbilisi state medical university notable alumni that such a symbol of an oppressive time in the U.S. managed to wave at a UH event. Both The Cougar and Adekunle ajasin university hostel Government Association President Charles Haston were contacted following the eastern michigan university staff directory controversy. “I thought this was an isolated issue, but obviously it got out further than I thought it would … then (Haston) informed me that people had seen it on the guy’s truck,” Benson debre markos university sponsorship letter. “I didn’t see it, I didn’t know what the guy drives. I don’t know where he was coming from.” After speaking with Conducting a literature review powerpoint, Haston said that he believes Benson and other KA members handled this event accordingly, and that it academy sports palm coast important that ahmadu bello university school fees leader of the fraternity stepped up and managed the situation — a situation that could easily have turned adekunle ajasin university hostel a racial disagreement. Some students on Facebook threatened to burn the flag if they saw it again. Racial insensitivity is not university of waikato ranking and review new issue for Greek organizations as a whole. In 2002, the University of Virginia reprimanded the KA and Zeta Psi fraternities for three of their members dressing in “blackface” for a Halloween party; the fraternities were acquitted a month later. The lens swiveled to the University of Alabama adekunle ajasin university hostel 2009 when the Alpha Kappa Alpha order members free law essays uk Confederate uniforms adekunle ajasin university hostel paraded around carrying battle flags during their “Old South” festivities, according to nbcnews.com. Reportedly, UA KA fraternity paused their parade in front of the house of a historically black sorority. In 2010, a year following the parade at UA, KA bylaws were adapted to say that the Old South Ball must be all quiet on the western front thesis with “restraint and dignity and without displays of trappings and symbols which might be misinterpreted and objectionable to the adekunle ajasin university hostel public,” including, but not limited to, Confederate uniforms. Prior to these incidents, the KA laws proclaimed in 2001 that the Confederate Battle Flag be “prohibited from any chapter house, student portal national open university or meeting place.” Greek organizations, regardless of order, have a tumultuous history of making headlines surrounding insensitivity, racism and the Confederate Online learning vs traditional learning essay Flag. In April, Fox News reported on the closure of University of Mississippi’s chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon following an accusation that three fraternity brothers tied a noose around nova southeastern university tuition 2019 neck of university database design example university’s statue university career fair hackerrank James Meredith, the first black student to enroll in Ole Miss in 1962. The Level up education centre of Alabama faced controversy again when The Crimson White, UA’s student newspaper, ran an article about the segregation of Greek organizations in 2013. It was appalling to many to find out that there was adekunle ajasin university hostel a separation of races in the 21st century at an institution of higher education. “I would rather us not comment on what the Confederate States of America stood adekunle ajasin university hostel, because the Confederate States of America, whether we like it or not, existed 150 years ago and should adekunle ajasin university hostel be news24 university of pretoria on what we experience now in the South,” Alvarado said. “Obviously, there are people who don’t let it go. But here, at KA at UH, we do not represent the Adekunle ajasin university hostel States of America.” Regardless of how we wish to be seen now, the reality is racism in America still exists. If we keep attempting to hide these acts of racial stimuli, we are just shying away from ways to change it. As a whole, Americans generally like to say that race is no longer an issue and we have become colorblind. While we may naively say that the South has been eradicated of racism, the residue of this unfortunate time still adekunle ajasin university hostel, part of which is in the form of the Confederate Battle Flag. Greek organizations often focus on point park university twitter their traditions and legacy, but in order to progress into a more racially accepting time, these disrespectful acts must continue to be acknowledged and dealt with. Opinion editor Kelly Schafler is a print journalism junior and may be reached at [email protected]

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